Corporate Outline

Corporate Message

Thank you for visiting the website of U&M PLASTIC SOLUTIONS CO., LTD.


U&M PLASTIC SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. has been established to market and sell the Injection Molding Machines of both brands; Ube Machinery Co., Ltd. and U-MHI Platech Co., Ltd. (formerly Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.)

We propose the best selected producs form UBE and U-MHIPT, according to customer's requirement. We are striving to be a challenging company for pursuing "how we can serve you" day to day.
As one indication, we have set up a "specialized technician group" consisting of system engineers and molding engineers in respond to support customer's problem solution. We continue to deliver further satisfaction to you with providing productive improvement, coordination of worksite, new molding process, etc. - not only "hardware" (equipment) but also "software" (technology, know-how).


We have 4 sales bases in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and UBE, and will provide detailed and precise service in cooperation with our manufacturing facilities and service centers located globally.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement, and we will make every effort to earn your trust as a long-term best partner through reliable products and close communication with you, our customers.

President Junichi YONEHARA

Corporate Outline

Corporate Name U&M Plastic Solutions Co., Ltd.
Foundation November 22th 2016
Start of Business January 1st 2017
Capital Fund JPY30,000,000
Headquarters 1980 Okinoyama, Kogushi, Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan
Main Stockholder UBE Machinery Corporation Ltd. (100%)
Employees 30
  1. Locations
Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Ube
Product Lineup
  1. Sales of Injection Molding Machines & Auxiliary Equipment.
  2. Provision of solutions and support for injection molding.
  3. Coordination of injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.

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Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to provide the Injection Molding Machine technology generated by two long term experienced companies, as a means of providing solutions to customers, and meeting customer goals.
We believe it is important to not only provide the best equipment, but also to provide satisfaction to all customers through the utilization of our products. To achieve this goal we provide our special crews composed of systems engineers and molding engineers to provide appropriate advice and support.
We will continuously make efforts to be recognized as the best partner through reliable and productive communication with you.

Honesty, Challenge, Accomplishment

  • We offer "Great Products" with hearts.
  • We pursue "Devotion" to you.
  • We are challenged to achieve your goals.
  • We will faithfully accomplish our promises to you.

Plastic Solutions

Our professional organizations provide the following technical support and consultation services.

1.Productivity improvement:

  1. Cycle reduction
  2. Countermeasures for molding issues
  3. Process Improvement

2.Proposals for new molding technologies:

  1. Weight reduction (injection foaming)
  2. Functionalization (multicolor, multi-material molding)
  3. High design (decorative molding)
  4. Material conversion (long fiber reinforced resin molding)
  5. Others

3.Customization and coordination for equipment according to the molding process.